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What we offer

Voice traffic is one area of your business where you can enjoy dramatic cost savings simply through installing our voice solution.

iConnect’s Voice solution is a flexible solution for both single and multi-branch customers. It allows the customer to retain their existing PABX, should they be unable to, or not wish to cancel their contract as yet, while still making it possible for them to take advantage of the benefits of routing through the iConnect network.

The Objective:

It’s quite simple: termination of outbound and inbound traffic across all call types at the highest quality - and at very competitive rates.

Primary backhaul media are fibre, diginet and microwave; secondary media are ADSL and a variety of radio connectivity solutions. Importantly, where ADSL is used, our digital subscriber-line access multi- plexer (DSLAM) connects direct to the Telkom ATM backbone, which guarantees you a 1:1 contention ratio.

Voice Solution Architecture:

Voice Solution Architecture

Change the way you deal with Document Management duties: